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Bernard Young (& Associates):

  • Is experienced in the role of senior manager, with strong performance management, program management, marketing and networking skills.
  • Is recognised as a change agent with high level strategic and tactical analysis skills and experience.
  • Has extensive experience in natural resource management especially in the timber industry, and also experienced in business, community development, and public management sectors. Experience includes achieving results in times of shrinkage as well as expansion.
  • Is passionate about long term sustainable development in the regional context which is backed by qualifications in natural and renewable resource management.
  • Has specialist knowledge in assisting growing businesses and communities, including access to government grants and services and by providing advocacy in higher-level government bureaucracy.
  • Has sound knowledge of resource planning, campaign management and resource analysis.
  • Is a board member of three enterprises

Strategic Thinking

Focus on Clients and Stakeholder: Service to meet the clients needs

Represented the Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development on drought recovery and fire recovery committees during 2002. Led the development of recovery strategies through partnerships with local and state government agencies.
Led a regional project steering group driving the planning processes to develop a major agribusiness investment that will result in major triple bottom line outcomes for the region with investments of well over $300M and jobs growth potentially nearly 1000.

Advocated to state government for support to expand the largest abattoir in the NE region. The company is now a major employer, with over 400 employees on site and a major exporter to the US and Middle East.

Represented the region’s business and community interests to state government Ministers and senior bureaucrats on many visits, and projects. Consultations with Cabinet Ministers at meetings in Wangaratta, Seymour, Cobram and Shepparton.
As a key member of a local Project team, represented local stakeholders to Federal and State Government to address the closure of a major regional manufacturer (IBM Wangaratta). Identified and resourced options for the local council, whol then purchased the site with government grant assistance.

Communication and networking: Working at all levels

Prepared high level advice in the form of succinct briefings, reports and presentations to Ministers, business and government leaders and communities.

Effectively worked with a range of industry, community and government stakeholders who hold conflicting views/positions to achieve a resolution: Example: Managing access to timber plantation harvesting operations and the impact on local residents.
Developed high level personal contacts with leaders in business and government across the region.

Business Development and Marketing: New development support

Worked with company owners and senior executives to support expansion. Examples: a $50m expansion of a timber manufacturer at Benalla, a $5m conversion and reopening of an old dye works with new technology at Seymour, and a $5m feedmill expansion at Nathalia.
Operated across a broad range of business, community interests and agencies to identify and provide government support for viable projects. Examples: A proposed $30m logistics development in the Goulburn Valley, and the new residential and commercial Faithfull St precinct beside the Ovens River at Wangaratta.

Worked inside and outside the state agencies to successfully build the profile and awareness of services and products. Example: Marketing the department’s facilitation services to assist the development of a new $10m vineyard/winery project in the Goulburn Valley.

Innovation and Creativity: Thinking outside the square

Led and supported local business and community executives in the rejuvenation of the Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program, by finding ways to resource the program at minimal cost, and expanding the involvement of business leaders on the board in a voluntary capacity.

Led the formation of a local group that, working for six weeks with local and state agencies, won a large grant to develop a Wangaratta Skate Park. The result: solved a general community concern about the lack of a facility and helped to make some young people’s dream a practical reality.

Leadership and People Management: Bringing out the best in people

Over ten years experience in three agencies managing the work of disparate staff groups, ranging from 6 to 30 staff, and spread up to 200km distance from main office.

Board member of Merriwa Industries, North East Telecentre, and Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program
A lead contributor in motivating a regional group of State Government and Local Government managers to work together as the focal point for delivery of a state government’s “Whole of Government” agenda.

Supported and resourced access for regionally based staff to high quality training and development opportunities. Result: staff in the region have taken the next step in promotion and career development both inside and outside the organisation
Experienced in leading community groups: Scouts, Jaycees, school committees